Iv’e always loved just jamming and seeing what the musicverse brings for as long as i have been playing guitar i have played music with my father, he is responsible for teaching me to improvise. I remember how it all started, a couple of times a week we would meet up at dad’s caravan there he had a very simple setup. two guitars and a tape recorder which we pluged right into.

This gave a very fuzzy sound to the electric guitar which today i find very grating listening back to, i had just stared playing guitar and didnt realy know what i could do with this “thing” exept it made a great sound and was fun so my father very patiently was able to be there for me and help me learn, listening to my manic kind of playing without driving him uterly insane!

As i grew up i moved back and forth from place to place but always come back to my father and had more jams. and now each time we meet up and have some time together the jams get better as we grow in our own way.

Check out the website below with some of our recordings the newer ones atleast 2006 to 2010 i think.


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