Looney Ginger Boys Ltd

Looney Ginger Boys Ltd

Dec 2009 – April 2010

Dec 2009 I found myself living in hampshire again with my auntie who kindly let me stay at her lovely house, the good thing about staying there was there were day’s we could play music loud! without any problems.

My cousin “Tom Buckingham” had only been playing drums for a few months, yet we quickly came up with some fun songs to play and were learning to improvise.

My father who has played in many bands and done a lot of projects over the years joined us to play bass guitar to complete this trio! perhaps the bass is not his instrument of choice but it was all good fun!
In april 2010 we abandoned the band but on good terms i left to live with my girlfriend and move to the beautiful north country lancashire. Im realy hoping we The Looney Ginger Boys create some more music in the future.
We have decided to make the recordings below avalible for free !!! distribute and share as you wish :)
Just click the image below

Riki Rixsta Buckingham - Guitar and Vocals
John Buckingham - Keyboards, Bass and Vocals
Tom Halford-Buckingham - Drums and Vocals

The Looney Ginger Boys Ltd were formed in 2009 and came from the Hampshire and Wiltshire borders, England

Their unique music was packed with energy and they played purely for fun . . .

they split up in April 2010.

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