Simmer Dim

Simmer Dim


A unique and wonderful old celtic word for dusk – twilight; the mysterious and peaceful moment of nightfall, when surrounding landscapes transcends and fades into darkness. The expression is still in use amongst the elderly population of the northwest. One of the very best Swedish writers today; Håkan Andersson describes his fascination for both the word itself and the phenomena in his “Happiness of The Landscape”; a blissfull and enthusiastic meandering through the countryside and literature of the old celtic territories of western Brittain.

Our concept came into being through a will to create basically a form of acoustic; guitar based
music together; happy and joyfull, but also dealing profoundly with existential and spiritual matters.
This website will also encompass other kinds of art and thoughts that we find relevant for a project meant to be an organic, freeform communication with different kinds of influences.

We: RIXSTA ( Riki Buckingham ) and MADREN ( Peter Gustavsson ) have almost identical
preferences as music concerns and are now writing songs; deeply personal and influenced by
folk-psych, pastoral whimsy, celtica and eastern ways of playing and tuning. However; we are not by any means trying to create some kind of World Music: different elements will come together as a result of a natural exchange of impulses and reflections of our need to express our emotions, thoughts and self-development


RIXSTA ( Riki Buckingham ) : Guitars; Vocals and Harmonica, Sound engineering

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