Holding On Relentlessly


Hey, where are you going
iv;e been to far ive been round the stars
Hey, your fills me with that joy, that nobody but you can bring
(hey maybee we were meant to be, something baught u into my life
and its a beautiful thing?)
(your love was meant to be but im a fool for not realising
you fill my heart with joy and i aint afraid to admit now
peace in my heart for once, now i dont have to worry anyomore
beacuase ur by my side u lift my spirits hey, and sometimes u think u do the oposite
now now your smile is all i need to get me thru?)


I was holding on relentlessly
Holding on authenticly
Your first dance your sure to be
Yeah your meant to be oh free.

Fear, i see in your eyes
oh let me come back
let me take them away
Home and where i long to be, hey
Dont u ever give up babe


I was holding on authenticly
yueah becuase your loves true to me
Yeah your meant to be
your sure to be
yeah meant to be free

Im not gonna hold on anymore
your love was meant to be
oh the truth will be seen
your with me!

Middle 8

Was it clear this illusion, this illusion i cant see
tried so hard just thinking of the times we had for sure
keep me going well your my love.

was this real this illusion, i kept thinking over and ove in my mind
could it it be real, will you take me
take me further than ive ever been before
wont be depresed wont be down, lift those spirits
something more to live for


Double speed

I hope we can keep on forever
Ihope our love will…… grow …..on and on and on and on
Igot ta got ta got ta, be free


oooh oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh oooh oooh
got nothing left to do nomore
I got nothing left to …..do
because i found it now , found everything i need,… i need
got nothing more to do now nothing more to prove in my life
Made it made it to the other side
Made it made it to the other side
gonna keep on strong now baby, gonna keep on strong, till the midnight light
gonna keep on strong
your strength is in how u act your strength is in who u are
dont sell your soul for rock and roll ,just keep on playing guitar

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Holding On Relentlessly (Incomp. words only)

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