Pleased to be a Warrior

Verse 1
(G, Moved up fret and down)
Now i see your the right way
spend your life feeling confused
nows the time to change your life
work it out and feel alive again

Yeah your castle walls you built them high
you could have had it all i dont know why u didnt take it
Yeah your castle walls you built them high

Verse 2
nopw youll see your life would change and rearange again
all u need here and now standing right in front of you

your like a wounded child you dont no wrong
your like a wonded child but your gonna find your way into this life one more time
(progressing up) ohhh ohhh i wont stop fighting now

Spanish Section

Go happy…

Yeah your castle walls your gonna break them down down (ulverston first recording
oh your castle walls now, shatter them to peaces shater them to peaces
Ii bought down my defences it wasnt such a bad thing at all.
send me my soul Its a new day new day


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Pleased To Be A Warrior (EP)

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