Rixsta – Rixsta (2014, Full Album Compilation) [FLAC/MP3]

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I have been a guitarist/singer-songwriter since about 1999. I spent a long time in my room with a guitar; creating and basically just having fun…my way of dealing with the insanity of modern life ; )

I thought it was about time I offered an album ‘out there’ to see if I can sell a few! Most of the songs are improvisations that just somehow came together on the first or second take, I then layer over other vocals/instruments. I make music for fun really and to express what comes to me, I like to be able to just let go when I play rather than trying to force things.

I’m not really into all the pristinely polished finished as it feels like it can often suck all the life out of the music, but saying that have spent a bit of time mixing the tunes to get the right vibe. On this album the only other musicians were John Buckingham on keyboards on “The Other Side” and a bit of very quiet and shy backing vocals on “Beauty and Love” by Kathrin Atkinson.

I would love to work more with other musicians of all varieties though…so if you like what you hear please get in touch! I sometimes wake up with full orchestral compositions in my head but have no way to bring them out. I’ve used samples of various instruments at times but it isn’t the same as seeing what can be created with other people. Some of my other music has been more heavy rock, but this album is more about Spirit and depth…though its light and funky in places too…bit of a mixture, like life! I kind of hope that something on here will speak to most people. If you like what you hear google “Rixsta” (a name given to me by my twin sisters Amber and Sophie when they were little and it kind of stuck!)

hope you enjoy this and that it encourages you to create and express more often (if you need the encouragement 😉 Hopefully, some of the live Gig’s recordings will be put up here and other recordings, if there is interest in this album. Cheers


01 – Great Creator (Revive Us).flac
02 – The Other Side.flac
03 – Pleased To be a Warrior.flac
04 – Searching Out.flac
05 – Going Strong.flac
06 – Beauty & Love.flac
07 – River.flac
08 – Bouncing In the Sun.flac
09 – Kathrin and the Land.flac
10 – PopFunk.flac
11 – Late Night Soul.flac
12 – Bossa Blues.flac
13 – Movement Will Come.flac

Rixsta - Rixsta self titled album 2014

Track name: Rixsta full album

Author: Katy

Track Duration: 71:00

Album name: Rixsta

Genre: Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul, Spiritual Music

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“Something deep in you will hear and respond to this album. Powerfully soulful vocals, inspiring and beautiful composition take you on a funky, bluesy, soul-filled journey. Rock, pop, jazz and world influences even raise their heads! Worth hearing.” Katy

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Great Creator (Revive Us)
The Other Side
Pleased To Be A Warrior
Searching Out
Going Strong
Beauty & Love
Bouncing In The Sun
Kathrin and the Land
Late Night Soul
Bossa Blues
Movement Will Come

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Rixsta – Rixsta (2014, Full Album Compilation) [FLAC/MP3]


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